SCRIP Program


Any family  can help our parish to raise much needed funds by participating in the Scrip Program.   This is accomplished by businesses offering incentives to purchase their gift cards.  These gift cards act as cash for the full face value of the card, but the purchaser (MDP) receives a discount for each purchase.  These discounts vary from business to business, you can see the applicable discount on the Scrip order form.  Money that you would normally spend on your everyday operating expenses can help the church!   At the same time you can still use store coupons without any penalty as these gift certificates are as good as using cash.
PLEASE NOTE:  Only Catholic educational institutions are eligible for these credits.  If your child attends Religious Education classes at MDP, or attends our Regional  School, any Catholic secondary school or any Catholic college, you can begin to participate and watch the savings mount.
Parish families with children in the Regional School or Religious Education Program have a way to creatively utilize their normal, everyday operating expenses to help defray the cost of their children’s Catholic education.   For example:  if you buy $100 in ACME gift cards, you would receive an equal split of the 5% incentive (or $2.50 credit).   These credits are tracked in our computer system and credits are ussued four times a year.  Families receive notice of their award at that time.   You are welcome to have your family, friends and neighbors purchase scrip and give you the credit.   Many families have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars  since this program was instituted here at MDP!
Be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of this exciting program!
Feel free to contact Mariann Bevenour, our Scrip Coordinator with any questions you might have regarding this parish program.  Mariann can be reached in the Parish Offices at 610-265-4178, or by e-mail at
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