2020 Food Truck Carnival

Friday, September 11th beginning at 4 PM

Saturday, September 12th beginning at 4 PM

Sunday September 13th beginning at 11:30 AM


Mother of Divine Providence is happy to celebrate its Community Carnival with people of Good Will!  We open our doors to welcome our neighbors, our friends, those who have just moved here or have come to visit the Valley Forge area.

The Carnival is a way for us to collaborate with the Church in strengthening both family life and neighborhoods, by supporting family and community members and encouraging them all to work for the Common Good.  The Carnival is a way to re-establish our cultural ties as Catholics faithful to our beliefs, and in our citizenship in the greatest Nation on earth!


Because of COVID-19, this year our carnival will look a little bit different. 

IF WE REMAIN IN YELLOW/GREEN: We will have food trucks available, outdoor seating, as well as some toddler rides.  The rides allow for social distancing between riders, and they will be sanitized in between every ride.  Please remember that you must wear a mask on the rides and when walking around.  Please note that this plan is contingent upon us remaining in the green/yellow zone. 

IF WE GO INTO RED: There will be no rides or outdoor seating.  However, the food trucks will still be available for drive-through/take out.

Please continue to check this website and our social media for updates.


Regardless of zone restrictions, we hope you will still join us for food and socially-distant fellowship!


Please follow us on our social media pages for updates!

Instagram: @mdpcarnival