Confirmation – 7th Grade (2019) 8 Grade (2021) *and* Adult

Confirmation – 7th Grade (2019) 8 Grade (2021) *and* Adult

Congratulations to our Confirmandi of 2018!

May God bless you as you grow into young men and women of strong and vibrant faith!

How to enroll your student for Confirmation:
MTC Catholic students and MDP PREP students are automatically prepared for this important sacrament in their religion classes.

If your family home-schools or attends another private school,
please contact us immediately regarding the October 2019 sacrament!

Please contact the Director of Religious Education at 610-337-2173
with comments or questions.

Did you know that adults can make their Confirmation, too?
If you or someone you know “missed” their Confirmation as a child, please contact us to learn more about completing your sacraments this year!
This sacrament will bring great grace to your life!

And, no, you won’t have to be in a class with the little kids! ;)
We have a class just for adults!

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