Mother of Divine Providence is happy to celebrate its Community Carnival with people of Good Will!  We open our doors to welcome our neighbors, our friends, those who have just moved here or have come to visit the Valley Forge area.

The Carnival is a way for us to collaborate with the Church in strengthening both family life and neighborhoods, by supporting family and community members and encouraging them all to work for the Common Good.

The Carnival is a way to re-establish our cultural ties as Catholics faithful to our beliefs, and in our citizenship in the greatest Nation on earth!

You are most welcome to join us!  The carnival will begin on Tuesday, August 16th and run through Saturday, August 20th. For information click on this link to our carnival webpage:

Donate to the Carnival or Volunteer to Help at the Carnival

Click on the “Sign Up” button shown below.  It will take you to our sign up homepage which outlines all of the areas of need; donations and the need for helpers – before, during and after the carnival.   PLEASE HELP WHERE YOU CAN!

Sign Up Now!


Another feature of the carnival invites children in grades 5-8 to participate in a Round Robin Tournament that begins on the weekend of August 15th and continues into the evenings of the carnival.

The teams may have up to 5 players on their roster and must compete in the first round to continue to the Championship Round.

Please click on the link below to download the official registration form.   We look forward to seeing you at the Tournament!

Registration for 3 on 3 Basketball at Carnival


New to the Community Carnival this year is the “Chili Cook-Off”

If you have a killer chili recipe, be sure to sign up to participate in the cook off!  The link to the registration page is shown below…the deadline for your entry is August 12th, so don’t wait!

Chili Cook entry










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