Come on out to the Community Carnival

The Community Carnival begins:

September 11th through September 14th

6:00 PM to 10:00 PM – Wednesday through Friday

5:00 PM to 10:00 PM Saturday

Our ride vendor is, once again, Houghton Enterprises.  Houghton offers  WRISTBAND NIGHT – EVERY NIGHT!

We hope to see you on the carnival grounds!

Click on our “Fundraising” tab for complete information on the carnival and to volunteer for open positions.  We particularly need help on Friday and Saturday evenings.

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by Susan Dugary

Happy Labor Day!

Daily Mass

will be celebrated

at 9:00 AM

on Monday

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by Susan Dugary

Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Two elder monks were sitting outside their cave when a student approached them. He asked how could he overcome his fear about what people think of him.

The one elder said, when I was young, I worried about what people would think of me. It was my pride and lack of wisdom that fed my fears. I kept telling myself I don’t care what people think of me.

The other elder said, it is true when I was young my use of humility was weak, but as I got older I realized no one ever thought of me. So I stopped worrying about it.

The question we need to ask ourselves is what keeps me from being myself? What makes me think the mask is better than the reality?

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by Father Cioppi

Twenty First Sunday in Ordinary Time

There is a story of a very successful woman who was about to die. She quickly wrote out a will and contributed most of her wealth to the Church and to charities.

When she got to heaven, an angel escorted her pass wonderful mansions and great houses, down expansive boulevards and dignified avenues. She noticed of course that she was passing these places. Finally, they turned down a very small alley and came upon a little cottage. The angel opened the door, and with a smile said welcome madam, we have prepared a place for you.

The woman was filled with indignation, counted the many millions she had left in her will to lists of charities and to the Church. The angel smiled and said but we have built this house on the gifts you have given God through your life.

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by Father Cioppi

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

There was a cartoon years ago called ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ about a precocious little boy, Calvin and his playmate, a talking tiger. One day the Hobbes, the tiger, finds Calvin sitting under a sign that reads, ‘kick in the butt for one dollar.’

Hobbes asks, “How’s business?” Calvin replies, ‘Awful! And I don’t know why, because so many people need a good kick in the butt!’ Jesus finds Himself in a similar situation then and now. Spiritual Sloth can creep up on us every slowing and very powerfully.

John Paul II, in his work, Love and Responsibility, said, “The fact is that attaining or realizing a higher value demands a greater effort of will. So, in order to spare ourselves the effort, to excuse our failure to obtain this value, we minimize its significance, deny it the respect which it deserves, even see it as in some way evil, even though objectivity requires us to recognize that it is good. Resentment possesses as you see the distinctive characteristics of the cardinal sin called sloth. St Thomas defines sloth (acedia) as ‘a sadness arising from the fact that the good is difficult’.”

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by Father Cioppi

Support Religious Freedom!

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by Susan Dugary

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Linda Taylor was putting her children to bed one evening when her youngest, in kindergarten asked, Mommy, if the world ended today would I still have to return my library books?

Linda was caught off guard at first, forced to think quickly about her response about the reality of the end time. She chose, like most of us, I imagine, to take the easier way out by responding to the more direct question about the books. But the little girl’s question is a good one in that it challenges us as Christians to be ready for ‘we know not the day or the hour.’

Are we ready to face the end of our earthly lives and turn everything over to God? Seneca once wrote: “That day you fear as being the end of all things is the birthday of your eternity.”

Believing in Jesus is a sign of contradiction to the world. When everything seems to be in turmoil, and evil things are happening with greater frequency, we are reminded in our faith of what is really important; just when our life seems to world to be over, we have only just begun to live.

When people persecute and ridicule us for what we believe, we grow stronger and holier in His sight. So, my dear friends fear not the arrow that flies by day; fear only those things which will hinder your entrance into heaven.


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by Father Cioppi

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the readings given to us by the Church, the Lord sternly warns us about storing up treasure for ourselves when we are not ‘rich in the sight of God.’ Ecclesiastes asks, ‘What does a man gain for all his toil,’ except that he has labored much? ‘God turns us all back to dust.’

To those who have an abundance, Jesus holds up a mirror. What do we see? ‘Me, My and Mine? Or do you see ta caregiver, an almsgiver, the face of a compassionate person?

The rich man in the Gospel was aggressively self-absorbed. He went out of his way not to share his wealth with anyone. He lived in a little world, surrounded on the north, south, east and west by himself.

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by Father Cioppi

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the 1960’s all-pro star Jerry Kramer wrote a best-seller called Instant Replay. In it he asks this question, “What is the purpose of my life beyond football?”

In the 1980’s he wrote another book called: Distant Replay. It opens with this question, “What have I done with my life?” He concludes in this book that the one thing he regrets not doing was handing on solid Christian values to his children.

The life story of Jerry Kramer parallels the Gospel today and challenges us to ask similar questions of our own life: How I am making the world a better place to live, to learn, to work and to pray. How am I making our lacerated Church a holier Body? How am I contributing to the maintenance of peace, security and self-esteem for all those I meet?

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by Father Cioppi

Join Father Cioppi on a Guided Tour of France

Complete Itinerary for France Trip

Link to trip registration:

Enter the Group Number as G003270

14-24 OCTOBER 2019


  • World War II Battlefields of Normandy in this 75th Anniversary Year and the American Cemetery
  • Full-Day Tour of Parish, including Notre Dame Cathedral; Rue de Bac (Miraculous Medal); Sacre Coeur and Montmartre
  • Guided visit of the Island of Saint Michael
  • Guided visit to Versailles
  • Full day guided tour of Lisieux (Shrine of Saint Theresa, the Little Flower)
  • Visit Nevers, the resting place of Saint Bernadette
  • Guided Tour of the Papal Palace in Avignon
  • Full day visit to the Shrine at Lourdes
  • Visit the Birthplace of Saint Vincent De Paul in Puoy on the way to the town of Bordeaux




  • Nine nights accommodations
  • Nine Breakfasts
  • Six planned Dinners
  • English-speaking tour Escort throughout

Price starts at $3,653 per person, Land only, based on Double Occupancy.  If there are more than 35 participants, the price will reflect the discount.




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by Susan Dugary