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Don’t take a vacation from Mass

Summer is a wonderful time to get away for rest and rejuvenation, but don’t let summer fun draw you away from what is always important, your weekly Mass obligation.

Check out the Mass times in the area you are traveling by visiting

Enjoy the summer and be safe.  We look forward to seeing you on your return to King of Prussia.



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by Susan Dugary

by Susan Dugary

MDP: Shore Up the Future

MDP: Shore Up the Future

Dear Family and Friends of MDP,

On December 8th, Mother of Divine Providence parish celebrated its 63rd Anniversary as the Catholic community of King of Prussia.  Throughout those many years, we have been blessed with a beautiful campus, an outstanding elementary school and wonderful parishioners.

Most of you who are founding members, built a solid and beautiful campus where the liturgical, spiritual, sacramental, educational and cultural needs of our parishioners can be met.  We need now to “Shore Up the Future” for generations of Catholics to come.

Last fall you should have received in the mail a copy of our Parish’s June 30, 2017 Operating Report.  Your weekly contributions to the Sunday collection have allowed the parish to operate on essentially a break-even basis.

Like many of us, as our campus ages, it needs repairs that go beyond our normal operating budget which is funded by our Sunday collection.   Over the next 2-3 years, we face several large repair and/or replacement projects that are necessary to keep our campus safe and functional.  These projects, which can no longer be deferred, include the following: Continue reading

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by Susan Dugary

Resources to Build Strong Families

Support, encouragement, and advice for marriage and parenting at every age and stage.  Solid Catholic content sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

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by Susan Dugary

Deacon Greg Maskarinec’s Easter Homily

Christos Voskrese!  Voistinu Voskrese!  Those are the first words I remember hearing each Easter morning as a child.   Well, not the first.  The first words were talking with my brothers about the excitement of Easter while we lay in bed waiting for the go ahead to get up.  We talked about what kind of candy we would get in our Easter basket.  And we’d talk about the feast we’d have after Mass: ham, kielbasa, pascha with raisins, kolachi, hrutka and hard boiled eggs.

When we got out of bed we’d exchange the obligatory Easter greeting with one another…Chritos Voskrese! and the response…Voistinu Voskrese!  As a kid, I hated that part!  Why couldn’t we just say “Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!” which is what the Slovak “Cristos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese” translates to in English.  Or better yet, why couldn’t we be like a normal family an just say “Happy Easter”?

When I first learned that Easter greeting I’m sure I was too young to understand what it meant that Christ is risen from the dead.  That was many years ago.  My understanding of Easter and its profound implications have deepened over the years.  Hopefully, so has yours.  By Jesus’ passion and death He has paid the price for our sins.  By Jesus’ resurrection He had conquered death and we are no longer held in its clenches.  By Jesus’ resurrection He has ushered in a new kingdom – a new heaven and earth.  We are members in this new kingdom through our baptism into Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We don’t have to live as though this is the only shot at life.  We don’t have to grasp at every pleasure that only brings temporary happiness.  We trust that we will rise with Christ in gloried bodies that do not experience the decay and limitations of our earthly bodies. Continue reading

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by Susan Dugary

Father Cioppi’s Easter Vigil Homily

“On this night in which Jesus passed over from death to life, the Church calls upon us to come together to watch and pray.  If we keep this living Memorial of the Paschal Mystery in this way, listening to His Word and celebrating the Sacraments, then we will have sure hope of sharing also his triumph over death and living with Him in God.”

And so, in these early hours before Dawn, we accompany the women to the Tomb.  There has not been time to provide the burial services for the body and so the women, who had attended Jesus through His Public Ministry come to the place where then had laid Him.

When they reached the Tomb, the stone was rolled away, and in it there was a messenger who gave them the unbelievable news that Jesus had risen from the dead.

The women were left stunned, as we are in this moment, Jesus has risen from the dead.  how can this be true?  Nevertheless, if it were not true, we would never have heard of Him, history would never have remembered Him.

The women had come to bury their Teacher; the Apostles’ attitude was one of defeat and of ultimate tragedy.

Be we know Him of Whom they speak! After two thousand years, the words are still freshly spoken, “Do not be amazed!  You seek Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified.  He has been raised; He is not here.”

We know that what the messenger said is true because now, we are witnessing the unbelievable event And, there are others who have come to believe, who seek a new Way of Life in the Risen Lord!  Continue reading

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by Susan Dugary

Father Cioppi’s Palm Sunday Homily

Today marks the beginning of a holy week of remembrance.  Through Scripture, Song and Sacred Ritual, we commemorate Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.  Our Parish Lenten journey leads us now to the gates of Jerusalem where “Jesus emptied Himself and accepted death on a cross.’ We come to this time and place, open to the wonders of Christ’s death; a power that brings new life to those who have lost hope, a home to the confused, and healing to those who suffer.

It is on Calvary we find our noblest aspiration as human persons.  Tertullian wrote:  “The flesh is the hinge of salvation.”  We believe in God Who made Himself human in order to redeem us by the very flesh He gave us.

Jesus, the Son of God, freely suffered death for us in complete and free submission to Divine Providence.  He asks nothing less from us.  “By His death he has conquered death, and so opened the possibility of salvation for all of us (CCC, 1019).”

If we can identify with the Centurion of the Gospel, and stand with him beneath the Cross and say with him:  “Truly this man was the Son of God,” then we will enter more deeply these sacred moments and ponder the great mystery of God’s love for us.

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by Susan Dugary

The Parish Offices are closed today, March 7th, due to the current weather conditions.

Please stay home and be safe.  God bless you.

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by Susan Dugary

2018 Catholic Charities Appeal

Please click on the link shown below to view this year’s Catholic Charities video hosted by Archbishop Charles Chaput.

God bless your generosity!

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by Susan Dugary

Christmas Mass Schedule

Regional Penance Service:  Wednesday, December 20th at 7:00 PM

Confessions:  Thursday and Friday, December 21st and 22nd at 7:00 PM

Mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent:  5:15 PM Vigil Mass, 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM Sunday

Masses for Christmas Eve:

4:00 PM Mass - Preceded by Carols (Children’s Choir) 3:15 PM

8:00 PM Mass – Preceded by Carols (Adult Choir) at 7:30 PM

11:35 PM – Office of Readings

12:00 AM – Midnight Mass – (Violin, Organ and Cantor)

Masses on Christmas Day: 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM



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by Susan Dugary